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Meet Hope Hollow, Our 2022 Beneficiary

Any family that has been touched by cancer knows how illness can throw your days into chaos. When you’re juggling doctor’s appointments, traveling for treatment, navigating insurance issues, and dealing with the emotional tumult of a diagnosis, figuring out how to pay for essentials like food and hotel rooms can suddenly become overwhelming.

Thankfully, organizations like Hope Hollow are lessening the burden for families in need.

Hope Hollow, the Judy Maple Foundation’s 2022 beneficiary, was founded in 2009 by Jane Jacquemin-Clark and her husband Kevin Clark as a way to “live the gratitude” for Jane being a two-time cancer survivor. The organization offers need-based support to cancer patients and their loved ones by providing lodging, meals, and transportation free of charge as they pursue treatment in Columbus, Ohio.

Jane and Kevin’s mission began right at home — literally. They started out by opening their own home up to cancer patients traveling to receive medical care and have since expanded to providing local hotel rooms as the scale of their work continues to grow. That work is widely felt — in 2021, Hope Hollow provided 1,698 nights of lodging, 1,754 meals, and 1,330 tanks of gasoline to patients and their loved ones, in addition to being a source of emotional support. Jane and Kevin’s home remains open to the families they serve as a place to relax, unwind, and find a shoulder to lean on.

The Maple family is intimately aware of the relief this kindness can offer in stressful times and is so excited to contribute to the organization’s important efforts. Hope Hollow has generously offered to earmark a portion of funds donated by the Judy Maple Foundation to support patients from Jefferson County, Ohio and the surrounding areas, ensuring that the effects are felt directly in the community our foundation’s namesake cared for so deeply.

More information about Hope Hollow will be available at the 2022 Judy Maple Golf Classic. In the meantime, please visit the organization’s website to learn more about the lives they have touched and the ways you can support them.

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